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Working principle of chenille spinning machine

tiem:2022/12/27 14:43:00

Chenille spinning machine is widely used in textile and decorative fabrics, machinery, decoration, antique fabrics and other fields. In recent years, new signs of growth have appeared in the development of new textile products and economic benefits of enterprises
The chenille spinning machine is mainly made of wool. The length of the wool is determined by the width of the neck where the head rotates at high speed, surrounding an inverted triangular ring. The feeding roller feeds two yarns, one is the surface core yarn, the other is the bottom yarn. The yarn on the rib is pushed onto the blade through the guide wheel, and the blade moves between the ribs to cut the yarn into two parts, clamp it on both sides between the surface and the core bottom yarn, and then move down. Due to the rotation of the spindle, between the two lines, the plate unfolds around to form the tulle, which is the formation process of chenille yarn and the working process in the spinning machine
The Chenille machine is based on similar foreign models and developed for the domestic market. It is suitable for the production of ultra-fine chenille yarns. The spun yarn has high quality and stable pattern. Each roller is separately driven by a dedicated servo motor, which can adjust or adjust the speed respectively, and can adjust the process according to the yarn; The lifting motor is driven by a stepping motor and a reducer, which has high winding forming accuracy, good stability and easy disconnection. The motors of annular ingot and hollow ingot are respectively driven by frequency conversion speed regulation device, which is convenient for flexible separate adjustment. The full-length dragon belt is centrally driven, reducing ingot difference and improving product quality