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What are the advantages of the Chenille machine?

tiem:2022/12/27 14:44:00

The chenille machine is a new type of chenille yarn spinning device. chenille yarn is a kind of yarn similar to rope and a new fancy yarn. The appearance of chenille yarn is very similar to that of caterpillar, with soft texture and bright color. At present, chenille yarn has been widely used in home decoration fabrics, car decoration fabrics and clothing fabrics in China, which is a popular type at present. Therefore, the appearance of chenille spinning machine has promoted the development of chenille yarn in China

At present, some enterprises in China have produced chenille spinning machines. The chenille machines are easy to operate, high in production efficiency, large in winding capacity, and safe and reliable. The domestic chenille spinning equipment has been comparable to the world level. Xiao Bian learned that a company specializing in producing chenille spinning machines, LX600 high-speed chenille machines are the latest products developed by the company. We have carried out bold innovation on the basis of imported equipment Energy saving, progressiveness and stable equipment, unprecedented in the domestic market, has been put on the market in November 22, with high customer evaluation