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How to realize energy-saving effect of energy-saving Chenille machine

tiem:2022/12/27 14:44:00

The energy-saving chenille machine is characterized in that it is composed of a frame, a feeding round roller, a rotary head and a material receiving mechanism. The top of the frame of the chenille machine is equipped with a top plate. The second part is the feeding round roller of the chenille machine. The feeding round roller is used to convey the wool waiting for processing. The upper end of the chenille machine rotary head is equipped with a wool inlet, and the lower end is equipped with a wool outlet and a roller output device, which are installed under the rotary head of the equipment, The place where the roller outputs is used to cut the wool output from the rotary head, and the roller output is equipped with left and right symmetrical output rollers; The collecting device of the Chenille machine is installed at the lower end of the roller output position to receive yarn; The previously mentioned rotary head, roller output part and material receiving mechanism are driven by independent transmission mechanism

The roller output of the Chenille machine is driven by the first transmission device, which comprises an energy-saving motor and a first meshing gear arranged on the output shaft of the energy-saving motor; The left and right output rollers are connected to the energy-saving motor through the power shaft. One end of the power shaft is equipped with a meshing gear, which makes the second gear on the power shaft mesh with the first gear on the energy-saving motor to drive the energy-saving motor to the roller output device