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Spinning Technology of High Speed Chenille Machine

tiem:2022/12/27 14:43:00

High speed chenille machine High speed chenille machine is a kind of equipment used for high-speed spinning. It is used to spin the wool of chenille yarn. After a fast rotation, it is wound on a triangular spacer plate. The length of the spacer plate determines the length of the burr
The spinning machine of high speed chenille machine is made by using rotating head, spacer, cutter, twisting and other components. Each rotating head produces two chenille yarns at the same time, and each chenille yarn is composed of two core yarns and several pile head yarns. During the spinning process, the pile yarn is sandwiched into the junction of two core yarns in the form of looping. When the two core yarns are twisted, the looped pile yarn is continuously cut into two and a half loops with a blade. The short stroke pile yarn is sandwiched in the twist of the two core yarns to form a chenille yarn

Pile yarn. The fiber materials, yarn count, twist and pile length used for spinning chenille yarn depend on the end use. The raw materials can usually be various natural fibers, artificial fibers, synthetic fibers and other fiber scraps
This paper introduces the spinning technology of high-speed Chenille machine. As high-quality chenille yarn has gradually formed a new market, in order to meet the production requirements, the requirements for chenille machines are getting higher and higher. There are not many manufacturers specializing in producing chenille machines in China, most of which are imported from abroad