Chenille machine series

LX600 high-speed Chenille machine

tiem:2023/2/14 11:36:43

LX600 high-speed Chenille machine
Technical Specification

Spindle Number

10 spindles/section,max 12 section

Spindle Gauge


Ring Diameter




Yarn Count


Twist Range


Lifting Speed
Adjusted by inverter and PLC

Spindle Rotate Speed


Rotary Head Speed


Max. Speed of Roller


Production Speed



2020*section * 1500 * 2500mm

The Chenille machine is based on similar foreign models and is developed for the domestic market. It is suitable for the production of chenille yarn of various specifications and large belly yarn. The spun yarn is of high quality and stable pattern. Each roller is independently driven by a specially designed servo motor, which can not only adjust the speed separately, but also adjust the speed as a whole, easy to adjust the process according to the yarn; The lifting motor is driven by stepping motor and reducer, and the winding molding is precise, stable and reliable, easy to unwinding. Ring ingot, hollow ingot motor are independently controlled by frequency converter, can be convenient and flexible separate adjustment, through the long belt centralized drive, reduce the ingot difference, improve the quality of products.

1. Since the transmission parts are driven by independent motors, only the corresponding process parameters on the touch screen need to be changed when adjusting the process;
2. Rotating head, core roller, output roller, ring ingot speed can be stepless adjustment, convenient and quick process adjustment, yarn full tube can automatically stop; 3. The lifting mechanism adopts servo system, stable and reliable winding forming, easy unwinding;
4. Rotary head is driven by a separate high-speed motor, smooth transmission, no ingot difference. Rotary head speed up to 24000
Revolutions per minute;
5. Adopt high speed spindle, the speed is stable and reliable, the speed can reach 12000 RPM;
6. Core roller and output roller are driven by advanced motor with stable speed, low noise and low breaking rate.